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Afnan is a premium perfume brand known for its high-quality scents. Afnan offers a variety of fragrances for men and women. These are the top five Afnan perfumes.

1.Supremacy silver: This Afnan fragrance is a favorite. Supremacy silver is a masculine fragrance that features a mix of spicy, citrus, and woody notes. This scent is ideal for daytime wear and has a bright, vibrant opening. It also has a warm, sensual finish that's perfect for evening wear.

Top 5 Afnan Perfumes

2. Afnan 9PM - Afnan 9PM is a well-known fragrance by the Afnan Perfumes company. This masculine fragrance features a mix of floral, spicy, and woody notes. This fragrance's top notes are bergamot and lavender. They give it a fresh, spicy start. Rose, jasmine and violet are the heart notes, adding a floral note to the fragrance. Afnan 9PM's base notes are patchouli and cedarwood. They give the scent a warm, woody finish. Afnan 9PM is a masculine, sophisticated scent that can be worn for special occasions or evening wear.
Top 5 Afnan Perfumes

3. Afnan Supremacy not Only Intense: Afnan Supremacy not Only Intense, a popular Afnan Perfumes fragrance. This masculine fragrance features a mix of woody, spicy, and musky scents. This fragrance opens with a spicy, slightly citrusy scent that includes bergamot and black pepper. Rose, patchouli, and jasmine are the heart notes. They add a floral touch to this scent. Afnan Supremacy not Only Intense's base notes are amber, sandalwood, and musk. This gives it an intense and warm finish. Afnan Supremacy not Only Intense is a strong and masculine fragrance that will appeal to those who enjoy deep, rich scents.

4. Afnan 9AM Dive: Afnan 9AM Dive, a fresh and aquatic scent from Afnan Perfumes, is now available. This masculine fragrance features a mix of aquatic, citrusy, and woody notes. This fragrance opens with lemon, grapefruit, sea salt and other top notes. The scent's heart notes are made up of marine notes, apple, lavender, and marine notes. They add a fresh and fruity note. Afnan9AM Dive's base notes are patchouli and amberwood. They give the scent a warm, woody finish. This scent is great for daytime wear, especially during warmer months. It can also be worn casually or formally. Afnan 9AM Diving is a great choice for people who enjoy a clean, fresh and sophisticated scent.

5. Supremacy noir : This scent is a combination of woody, spicy, and musky aromas. It's perfect for people who like warm, sensual scents.


Afnan has a wide range of high-quality fragrances, which are suitable for all occasions. Afnan offers a wide range of fragrances that are both vibrant and fresh for day wear and warm and sensual for evening wear.

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