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how to make a perfume long lasting?

This advice can help the longevity of your perfume:

  • Apply a moisturizing oil or lotion without scent before applying the perfume. This gives the perfume an even surface to stick to and will slow the rate of loss.
  • The pulse points of the body are places in which blood vessels are located close to the surface of your skin and generate more heat. The scent lasts longer when it is sprayed on these locations, including the neck, rear of the ears and wrists.
  • Utilizing several items that have the identical scent the simultaneously is known as layering, which increases the fragrance's power. Before applying your perfume you can, for instance, apply a scent-infused soap or body wash.

Perfume longevity guide

  • Be careful not to rub your wrists after applying the perfume. This could cause the fragrance to fade and break down faster. Allow the perfume to dry naturally.
  • Perfumes may degrade and lose their effectiveness after exposure to light, heat, and air. Make sure your perfume is away from sources of heat as well as direct light in a cooler damp, and black place.

Following these suggestions to help you make keep your perfume on for longer and also enjoy the scent throughout the entire day.

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